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Eight down, two to go.
2014 ‪‎Cascais Womens Pro‬ Portugal: Oct. 1 - 7
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By the way, what he say, he can tell I ain’t missin’ no meals.

I’m getting a strong “this is one of those creepshots that skinny people take of fat people without their consent with the intention to post it up on 9Gag or 4chan or something” vibe from this, and the caption doesn’t help.

Uhm no, this is literally a picture of me, taken for my own use, with my consent. I had just got done performing Anaconda at a nightclub and was hungry…

I saw this when I was walking home, and it just made me sad.

This hits hard.


Oahu falls asleep

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cant wait to be home. california does not compare to this.
  • Ancient Egypt was not a mixed society.
  • Ancient Egypt was PITCHED BLACK until the 7th century AD, when Indo Aryans called Arabs invaded from Central Asia.
  • For 99 percent of Egyptian history, Egypt was as BLACK as Nigeria, as BLACK as Congo, and as BLACK as Senegal.
  • King Tut was a dark skinned black man,
  • Queen Tiye was a beautiful and EXTREMELY dark skinned woman.
  • Hatshepsut was also very very very dark skinned.
  • Even during the Ptolemaic period of Kemet, the Egyptians were primarily African.
  • The fact that the most advanced civilization of human history was composed primarily of Black People is the most annoying and frustrating thing to white supremacist historians today.

omg manila